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The purpose of this webring is to create a special link between the equine related blogs in BLOG VILLAGE and to increase the number of horse related blogs. If you want to participate in a Top List that has that small town feeling and you love sharing your knowledge, pictures and experiences with horses then...THIS is the equine webring for you and your horses!*

You will need to be a BLOG VILLAGE member and have a blog (or blogs) that talk about horses, horsemen and horsewomen, horseback riding, training and/or horsemanship. 

"Happy Trails..." ~ Janey Loree

1. Join BLOG VILLAGE - *It is the suggestion of this webring master to vote and rate each blog that you visit in the ring!  Look for the BLOG VILLAGE voting logo or the new BLOG VILLAGE Equine Webring banners or button.

2. Join the webring here or on Mustang 'n' Cowboys.

BLOG VILLAGE's Equine Webring
Ring Owner: Janey Loree  Site: BLOG VILLAGE Equine Webring

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3. Enjoy the other equine blogs in the ring and read the BLOG VILLAGE Community NEWS!

Equine Webring articles in the BV Community News... NEW - the FIRST BLOG VILLAGE WEBRING


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